Assigning a DHCP Reservation

  • 15 January 2023
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I just installed a new G34. I found how to start my DHCP beginning address high enough to avoid my servers and switches. But I don’t see any way to assign one of those reserved addresses. I would like to statically assign some of the IP addresses by MAC for servers and printers at the router than the client (easier for VMs and the like)


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Hello PaulT

                     Thanks for your explanation that was clear and precise. When it comes Static IP or IP address for the modem can be provided by the Internet service provider only, we the manufacturer of modem doesn’t have option to setup Static IP or even on the modem settings page there is no such option available so you can confirm with your internet service provider to help you with this.

Let us know if this helps.



You misunderstood me. I am not interested in the IP address that the G34 is provide on the WAN (cable) side. That is assigned by my ISP.

I have enabled the DHCP server in the G34 assigning IPs on my LAN side. I have the Local IP Network IPv4 DHCP beginning address set to  I want the G34 to assign static IPs in the - range based on MAC of the attaching clients. Such as;

Host Name IPv4 Address MAC Address Comment
PI_Hole b8:27:eb:73:94:xy  
Proxmox 3c🇪🇨ef:6d:6c:xx Super Micro X11
Brother-Printer 3c:2a:f4:27:87:zz  
NAS 70:8b:cd:58:64:gg TrueNas




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The purpose of IP Reservation is for G34’s DHCP to assign the same IP address to a MAC Address. 

if you’re statically assigning IP Address to the device, you won’t be using IP Reservation. 


Either I just described my problem wrong, or no one knows what static addresses are on the LAN side. I found a solution to my problem.

On a newly started G34 there is only one selection in the left hand tree under Connected Devices that is “Devices”. However, if you go to Devices, and select the [+] button at the far right of each device you have the option to assign a static device IPV4 address based off of the devices MAC address. If you select [Save] you now have a second choice on the left hand tree under Connected Devices called “Static Addresses.”


Now that  Static Addresses is available you can “manually Add Static Device” entering any “Host Name” you want, IPv4 Address and the MAC Address.

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@PaulT Probably a little bit of both.  Glad you’re able to find the answer.


What confused me was that you adjusted your DHCP range and want to use the lower addresses outside of the DHCP range for your server, switches and printer.  This method is used when you have devices with static IP setup in the device network setting and the G34 will assign other devices with the addresses in the DHCP pool so they won’t conflict.  The terminology “statically assign” also threw me off.  That’s usually for setting the IP on the device.  

The steps in your answer is to setup IP reservation to assign the DHCP address to a MAC address.  You can reserve IP already assigned to the device that is on the Device List or use  “manually Add Static Device” button when your device is not on the client list.