G34 blocks TIVO and Bonjour (computers/printers) "Zero Config" discovery by default

  • 21 November 2022
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Upgraded my modem/gateway/router from SBG6900 and G34 and immediately had problems with my TIVO mini’s being unable to connect to the Host DVR.  Problem lasted a couple of weeks with no help from ARRIS (assured me nothing internally was being blocked) or TIVO (couldn’t tell me what protocol they used for discovery).

Problem was solved when I discovered the setting for “Zero Config” (Bonjour type discovery) under Advanced > Device Discovery > Zero Config was disabled.  Enabling it allowed my TIVO mini’s to immediately connect to the host DVR.  Note that this setting is on a page that is mainly about UPNP.

This could affect anyone else who has printers or other devices that use the Bonjour Zero config capability to connect to one another.

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2 replies

Upon further investigation I find that the G34 is still blocking the Bonjour/Zero Configuration packets (UDP port 5353 multicast DNS).  So my TIVO boxes still can’t discover each other unless they are each connected to a switch and NOT directly to the router.  Boxes directly connected to the router either wired or wireless cannot see each other and cannot stream or transfer video to each other (but can connect to TIVO servers and TIVO mobile and web apps).  Boxes on the other side of the switch do see each other and can be listed by running Bonjour Browser app.

Contacted Arris support today and she said she was told at a higher level that Zero Config is NOT supported.  So if you have TIVO equipment that relies on Zero Config to discover each other you might want to look at some other product.

Further confirmation - I added a 2nd Netgear unmanaged switch immediately behind the G34 router into which is connected my host TIVO DVR and another Netgear unmanaged switch (GS108) to which is connected my other TIVO boxes (mini’s).  Mini’s can now connect to the host TIVO DVR (Bolt).  I tried many configurations before arriving at this solution.  The switch immediately behind the router prevents the router/gateway from intercepting the UDP 5353 multicast DNS packets and blocking them.  Any devices NOT using Bonjour/zero-configuration can be directly connected to the router (wired or wireless).

If you have TIVO Mini’s that need to connect via wireless - I don’t know what to tell you.  You may be out of luck.

Note that my first contact with Arris support personnel insisted that NO internal ports are being blocked and only by my insisting on escalating the issue on my second contact to their support did I get the pronouncement that Zero Config is NOT SUPPORTED on the G34 (in spite of having an option to Enable it).