Allow loopback G34 NAT loopback

  • 21 June 2023
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I host a website on my lan, and have the new arris g34 configured to forward the appropriate port range. However I cannot reach the external site from inside my LAN. Someone suggested that this is due to loopback restrictions on the g34. I can’t find a control point for any setting like that. Is there one?



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4 replies

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A couple of members created a few topics about NAT loopback.  

Here’s a workaround.


None of their products support NAT loopback support at this time. 



Thanks for the reply. I’d already run into the host file fix; I think I may not want to implement that. I’d switch to a modem which supports loopback.

Is this issue only relevant for products that include a firewall, like the G34? I’ve had arris modems (no wifi no firewall) until now, and never ran into this issue.

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NAT Loopback feature just needs to be implemented on the gateways and routers. 


The reason why it works with a modem because the modem doesn’t have NAT (Network address translation).  You’re probably running a router with the modem and that router supports NAT Loopback.  Product like G34 is a wi-fi modem combo device and it has NAT, hence the reason to forward ports.  


Yes that is the circumstance. Appreciate your input greatly!