All Lights Flashing on G36

  • 29 March 2024
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My wife sent a short video of the G36 at our cabin.  Every light on the device is flashing in tandem.

WiFi and upstream internet works;  phone has no dial tone.

Anyone seen this?


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3 replies

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G36 modem will be having only one LED on the front panel and if that is not solid blue or green that indicates there is a signal issue on the modem so that needs to be checked by logging to your modem settings do you have surfboard central application?

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I have the app and it shows the W6U that I have never gotten to work.  I seem to recall I could not have the app also talk to the G36.  The cable installer helped me get in through the web interface.

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After reviewing the video we could see more than 4 devices are connected, in that one is G36 and other is W6U. so could you please help us with the model number for which the lights flashing.

If you are facing the issue only with the telephone and dial pad we would suggest you please contact your service provider and could you please confirm who is you service provider.