G36 broadcasts secondary SSID even though disabled - G36

  • 29 January 2024
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New G36 cable modem/router.  I only have the primary and one guest network enabled.  The others are disabled but the router is broadcasting 15 or so ‘wave_xx’ SSID.  They shows as being unlocked but you cannot connect to them.

I’ve thought there may be a bug where you have to enable the network, then disable SSID broadcast, then disable the network again.  This didn’t help.  I’d like them to not broadcast.

Any ideas?


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2 replies

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In this case could you please help us with few more details that on what are all the devices you are getting other network name.

Give forget network on your device then restart the device and then check again even after disabling those network if that appears on the devices.

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Hope your issue has been solved by doing the forgot network and restarting the device.