G36- The arris login at the site won't recognize my credentials even though I am using the email address I used on the app.

  • 9 February 2024
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 I need to change my wifi security to be able to connect my Canon MX922 printer to my G36 router, apparently. But when I go to the Arris login page (192 168.0 1) it says that my login credentials are invalid and that I need to use my email address from the app, which I am. It doesn’t give me any other options. I can see all of my network info on the screen at the login screen, I just can’t modify any of it without it accepting my login. I’m about to lose my mind. I’ve spent so many hours trying to do this over the last 2 weeks I just want to scream. 


Now I can’t even use my printer cable hard wired into my computer to print, I used to be able to before.


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If you are using surfboard central app and if you can able to login  the app then you need to access modem interface through the app only to configure the modem settings.

If you are unable to access surfboard central app then uninstall the app and you need to reset modem then you can access modem interface using default login credentials.

But after resetting the modem will go to default setup any custom settings will be removed so use the default network name and password 
to connect to your network.