HELP! Arris G36 Keeps Disconnecting!

  • 4 February 2024
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Help! I have XFinity internet, and their technical support team insists the problem lies with my modem/router. I’ve had an Arris G36 Gateway for less than two years, but for the last few weeks, my internet keeps disconnecting, and when it does work, it’s painfully slow. The XFinity rep said there could be missing or outdated boot files. Could that be correct? If so, how do I update  them? Thank you in advance, sincerely.




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There isn’t a way. You saying they can update independently is incorrect. Firmware has to be pushed by the ISP with combo devices. They might have an update and send it to xfinity but xfinity has to certify it and then send it out.

Basically, intermittent connection or no internet access occurs usually out of cable signal level, out of acceptable range and it will be resolved after the power level are adjusted by the service provider. So for this we need to check the cable signal level to confirm what causing this issue to proceed further.

Is the intermittent connection issue is happening only on WIFI or even on direct connection?