How can I check my router logs?

  • 11 December 2023
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I’ve been having issues with my internet provider (Xfinity) who has told me I used 400 Gb of data in one day (a third of my allowable amount) in November (on a day my kids were in school, my wife was at work, and I was flying to a conference). It seems to have happened a second time, possibly on the same day of the month now in December. Since I don’t have Xfinity equipment, they say they can’t see my event logs for the modem or history for the router and told me I need to submit the logs to them for them to review. When I try to pull my Arris modem event log (SB6141), it is blank every single time. When I try to find a way to pull logs/history for my router (W121), I’m told to use the Surfboard Central Mobile App but it doesn’t show any history (or I just can’t figure out how to see it). Can you please help me pull the logs I need so I can see what could possibly be consuming 400 Gb of data in a single day from my network?

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In this case since you were using cable modem SB6141 we would suggest you to try checking event logs on direct connection without router. so you need to disconnect the router from the modem and restart modem for a minute then connect any device like computer or laptop to the modem ethernet port and check the event logs on the modem interface or GUI. Then disconnect the device from the modem and restart the modem and router for a minute then connect the router to the modem to access WIFI this will help you in getting the logs of your modem. Restart is nothing but power cycling modem.