New router not working in W31

  • 10 December 2023
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I don’ know if I got duped or if I’m incredibly unlucky, but my new W31 router does not work. 

-Upon opening it yesterday, i noticed it had scuff marks already on it despite it being new. 
-After getting everything hooked up, and contacting Spectrum, my modem is online and working (solid blue light). 
-The router, however, gave me fighting vibes for nearly 4 HOURS of me working with the app that kept giving me ‘failed to connect’ notices, swapping cables, unplugging/replugging, reseting, etc. 

-Finally got it to not flash red/white, or to just stay on solid white (the ‘successful bootup light, but it would stay lit for 30minutes+) after all that, and this morning its back to a solid red light, no matter how many times ive reset or unplugged everything.


Am i just doing something wrong? Anyone else have these issues? Ive used 4 different ethernet cables and plugged them all into the different WAN plugs (which flash green at the plug so i assume thats working)

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3 replies


Tried swapping to my yellow ethernet cord and routed that from my modem over, and now its back to the solid white light after unplugging both and replugging back in


Still dont know the issue. It stays white for so long that it goes to flashing red

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Since the max router’s led light status is flashing red, which means the router (W31) is not getting internet connection from primary modem.

As you are having spectrum modem as primary modem, I suggested you to check the internet through direct connection and make sure to power cycle the modem before checking the internet access through hardwired.

If the primary modem doesn’t have internet connection, I suggest you to contact modem’s manufacturer for further assistance.