g34 - Intermittent internet connection

  • 9 April 2024
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So when I setup my g34 my isp said any issues would be with the modem/router company, anyways my issue had been fluctuating download speeds which should be a 940mbps and upload up to 100 but I'm getting a max of 5 and as low as 100 kilobytes 


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5 replies

What type of computer | laptop are you using and what OS are you using too?

Need more info on this, thanks. 


I was testing on my s22 but I've tested on both computers in my home both direct connected and they're all similar, all computers are on windows one on 10 and one on 11

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Since you are experiencing with slow/intermittent internet connection, let us know whether the issue is with wired or wireless connection?



It's both on Wireless and wired, I belive more so on wireless but still when in its lows its really hard to do simple things a go on Google or look at mail 

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Since you are experiencing slow/ intermittent internet connection with both wired and wireless connection, I suggest you to check the cable signal levels and also change the Wi-Fi channels and monitor the same for the next 24hours of time.

To change the cable signals, follow the instructions given below:

To change the Wi-Fi channels, find the instructions given below: