5Ghz not connecting on air printer - G36.

  • 12 March 2024
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I just got the G36 wifi modem and am trying to connect everything.  My laptop used to recognize the 5 GHz wifi but every time I open up my laptop I have to reconnect and it no longer shows this option so not sure what to do!  My printer only recognizes the 2.4 GHz or guest but does that mean anything on the 5GHz can’t print from this air printer?  I’m sorry if these are dumb questions but my phone and tablet no longer find the printer and they are on the 5 GHz!  Appreciate any info!  This has been quite frustrating!


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On the laptop are you facing this issue only on 5G network or even with 2.4?

Changing the Wi-Fi channels will connect to the respective networks (2.4 and 5Ghz)

Printers are compatible only with 2.4 network alone so that should be connected to 2.4 network. But during the initial setup the printer and the client device should be connected to 2.4G network then you can switch it to 5G.


Thanks for the response!  On the laptop I have had to reconnect on both the 5 and the 2.4 network.  It doesn’t even see the 5 now?


since the printer has to be on 2.4 network, does that mean devices on the 5 GHz network cannot print to that printer?  They (phones, tablets) cannot find this air printer any more.


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Could you let us know the model of the computer?

Yes, printer will allow you to take print, if the devices connect only with 2.4ghz network and it won't support 5ghz.


The printer is an HP Envy 5000 series air printer.  My laptop is’s a Toshiba Satellite C75D-A.

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If you unable to locate the 5g network on laptop, I suggest you to change the security mode on GUI web portal.

Launch a browser>enter>login with credentials> Gateway>connection>Wi-Fi>networks>5G network>edit.

Change the security mode as WPAWPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES). After changing the security mode, if the problem persists, I suggest you to change the Wi-Fi channels.