SBG8300 NOT CONNECTING with internet

  • 13 January 2024
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I've unplugged all cables from and power cord from modem. The blue online comes immediately on, but will not show reading for Wifi.. any ideas?

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4 replies

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There’s 2 lights on the front of the sbg8300. They both don’t come on? 

Did you put it in bridge mode? 

Have you tried a factory reset? 


General FAQs: SBG8300: LED Light Status (


Only the online light comes on. 

How do you put it bridge mode?

How do you factor reset?

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Don’t put it in bridge/modem only mode. that does disable the wifi. 


General FAQs: SBG8300: Factory Reset (


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Well after performing the Factory Reset could you let us know the LED light status of the sbg8300 that's the online and Wi-Fi?

Could you also let us know when you purchased the modem? The name of your ISP(Internet Service Provider)

Is this a First-time activation if so have you activated it? by providing HFC MAC ID?