Keep losing my 5G module

  • 2 August 2022
  • 6 replies

I find I keep losing my 5G module forcing me to restart my router as often as twice per week, is it my unit or are there others with the same issue?

6 replies

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What device do you have? 
When you’re having issues with the 5g, do all devices have issues or just one? 

What 5ghz wifi channel are you broadcasting on? 

I have the SBG8300

The issue I’m referring is when all devices are affected, if it’s only one device I will restart the device, when it’s multiple devices I restart the router, 2.4 module is rarely affected.

“ What 5ghz wifi channel are you broadcasting on? “
Primary and guest, same with the 2.4 module, primary and guest.

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I mean like channels 36-44? 149-165?

What 5ghz channels are you on? 

Does changing the 5ghz channel help? 

Looking through my router settings, looks like the channel selection is set to automatic on both the 2.4 and 5G,  I see no channel info. This is the way it was when my ISP set me up.

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Change them off auto and select an actual channel. For the 5ghz go with 36-44 or 149-165.

Avoid the DFS channels as you might be near somewhere that broadcasts on them (they’re required to switch off those channels if it detects a signal)

Thanks for the info, I’ve made the channel change, I’ll give it a few days and be back with an update!