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  • 9 September 2022
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I have a sbg8300 and the wife bought a new phone. Trying to connect to wifi and it doesn't accept the password. I deleted my connection on my tablet and tried to log in and cannot connect. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


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Have you hardwired a pc/laptop into the router and checked the password for the wifi? 
Or tried changing it? 


If I change the password, it still won't connect. I don't want to lose the current ones connected. Just trying to figure why the new stuff won't connect.

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How many devices do you have connected to the 2.4ghz? 

And the 5ghz?

Are you using smart connect on it (the single ssid function)?

Unfortunately I really don't know the answer to your questions. The lights are solid green and flashing green. I thought they were supposed to be blue. I don't know anything about what is connected using what. Not that savy. Thanks for trying to help.

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Hello Razoo,


I’d like to know more about this issue, when you attempt to connect to the network do you get an error message? if so, what the error message is? 


Thanks for your answer.