Why doesn't Arris provide real support?/Why is this forum mostly useless?

  • 17 August 2023
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Although I applaud the person that originated the idea of outsourcing the support dept to unpaid customers, that was truly innovative.  Now, of course everyone does it.  In the old days no one would have the audacity to expect paying customers to have to provide their own support.


Especially with known problems like the chances of someone knowing more than you could be as low as 1:1000 (admittedly in my case it’s more like 1:8)  But that’s assuming anyone actually answers your question.

I’ve had 2 questions up for almost a month.  I got one reply each, right away.  The first person either didn’t really read my question, or maybe I phrased it incorrectly.  But I tried to answer their followup questions and restate my original question better, but never got the followup reply.

The second person asked a simple followup question which I answered but also never got 2nd reply.

I don’t blame the customers.  It’s not their job to answer my questions.

But it should be somebody’s job.


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Hi psylocyber

We regret the inconvenience and I could understand how you might feel to be in this situation.

Regardless of the experience you had in the past, we will try to instantly get back to your post, henceforth.

Please let us know the post you would like us to answer and we will suggest the best resolution accordingly.