eMTA with multi-gig?

Hello all, and happy to be part of the new community!

My most recent Arris product was the T25, and I was extremely happy with it as it was very dependable and trouble-free.

Last year, I updated my home network to support multi-gig and was surprised/disappointed to see that I didn’t have an Arris option when it came to an eMTA with a 2.5 Gb (or higher) Ethernet port. Even now, I don’t see that Arris has entry on the market… any plans?

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Hello hope you are doing great


Right now the online device available with that 2.5 Gb port will be the G36,


but in the other hand this G36 will not have the LAN Line Phone feature like the T25 that you own right now, you can give it a look to the G36 specifications on this link


and also purchase it and compare it on the Arris website with this link



Thanks @Siuu1994 , but since I still need Voice support, that option isn’t one I considered. Hopefully Arris has something planned soon; I paid a bit more than expected for a competitor’s product and can’t help but feel like the lack of competition in the space is a factor there.

@ron Hopefully ARRIS launch EMTA modem with 2.5 Gb port when you’re ready to make that jump to multi-gig service.  The 1 Gb Eth. port wouldn’t impact your home network since it connects to your router’s WAN port.