VIP5002W-ZG remote control codes

  • 28 December 2023
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hi, I have a Sofabaton U2 remote control, and now I have a new tv/internet provider(Ziggo, here in the Netherlands), which provided me the Arris VIP5002W-ZG. (they call it the Ziggo Next Mini)

Seems this one is a fully bluetooth controlled device?

My tv has an option to pair a bluetooth device, so I managed to do that with my Sofabaton remote control. That works.

The VIP5002W-ZG unfortunately has no option to pair a bluetooth device. (It did automatically find my Sony receiver and my Xiaomi TV for volume control for example)  

And my Sofabaton remote control has no option to learn bluetooth signals.

So what I am looking for, is the(or better all) bluetooth codes for this specific Arris VIP5002W-ZG.

Sofabaton do have an Arris VIP5002W in their database, but it's not working for me to control my VIP5002W-ZG.(it's even in their infrared database…...)

I read a lot of people with Samsung one remotes, Logitech or other universal programmable remotes have this same issue with the Ziggo Next Mini.

So, can Arris provide Sofabaton, Samsung, Logitech and alike, the codes so we can all use ONE remote!!???

Would make so many people happy….


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VIP5002W-ZG  is not supported by Arris.  Arris supports only the retail products that are available on but not the ISP lease products.