arris g34 very slow wifi

  • 18 March 2023
  • 1 reply


This is my 2nd of these modem/router. Having same problem as the first one. If I connect with Ethernet cable I get 1000mbps, if I use WiFi I get 55. Same issue I had with the first one that they said was defective. Reset a few times, talked to support which is very frustrating and still nothing. 5G doesn't even show up as a option to connect to but I can connect to 2.4 but only get 54mbps

1 reply

To fix this issue.. you need to login to your modem/router and change the channel you are currently on. Right out of the box it puts you on automatic mode and it selects the most congested channel you have in your neighborhood.  Once you change the channel you will then need to go in and change your IP lease time from 24hrs to 48hrs. This will fix all your issues.