Issue with accessing reverse proxy services on LAN - G34

  • 18 November 2023
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Hello all, 


Odd one that I’m hoping people here can help me troubleshoot. I’ve got some services (Jellyfin, Nextcloud, etc) running on a home server behind a reverse proxy. Normally, I access these servers at [service].[mydomain].com. Currently, on my LAN, this is not working. If I try to access the services outside of my LAN at the reverse proxy domain, they are working, and if I access the services directly by IP and port, they are working on my LAN. However, within my LAN, they are not accessible at the domains. Since the services work and the reverse proxy works outside my network, it seems I’ve got an issue in the network itself. I’m using a SURFboard G34 which I’ve only had for a few weeks. I have looked in the router WebUI and nothing seems amiss, but I really don’t know what I’m looking for. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

2 replies

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In this case we would suggest you to try accessing server without Reverse proxy. If you are using Static IP try Port Forwarding the port numbers. If you are using the Dynamic IP then port Triggering by following the article mentioned on the below link



Thanks for the reply. I currently am using port forwarding, forwarding ports 80 and 443 to my home server, which is then accessed by a DuckDNS address allowing leaving it with a dynamic IP. To be clear, accessing services at the domain name on the LAN was working before, it just stopped working abruptly.