intermittent internet connection in G34

  • 4 November 2023
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Have G34 surfboard. Xfinity internet. Stream YouTube TV. When we got everything up and running it was great. Now the last month we are constantly losing internet.  Often just restarting the g34 fixes it. So how do I tell if it's the g34 or Xfinity who has the problem? 


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5 replies

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do all devices drop? 
just wireless devices? 

Got a screensnip of the cable connections page and event logs? That helps check the lines


Yes all devices. Internet drops out.

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got a copy of the cable connections page and event logs?

I have the same issue  with G34 modem with the same internet provider 

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Since you are facing intermittent connection in G34, Let's consider the basic points:


  • The LED light should be a Solid Blue 
  • Make sure the modem is not kept in a compact place, needs to be placed in an open space 
  • Check if any recent outages recently from you’re ISP or Power 
  • Confirm if the co-axial doesn't have any cuts/loose connection 
  • Keep the modem away from any Electromagnetic devices 

We need to ensure the cable signals and Wi-Fi channels are checked for the same 

Please follow the below links for the cable signal levels and Wi-Fi channels.