g36 and Xfinity connection drops daily

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I have to reboot router almost every day.  This is unacceptable level of maintenance for a $300 router.  Will Arris ever address this issue ?   I’m thinking of going back to my old router since honestly there’s no discernible difference in performance.  Is there a fox for this?   I’ve changed the channel to manual and that helped.  I might get two days.  Please help.  


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If anyone finds a cable modem/router with a 2.5GB port that actually works with a 2.5GB switch, let me know. thanks……….

I use the XB8 from Infinity with the QNAP switch (QSW-2104-2S).  Works great with 

the XB8 but absolutely would not work with the G36. And Arris support was non-existent

I’m having all the same issues. I’ve had this modem for 2 months and constant dropping connection on Xfinity which is too bad because the speeds, when it worked, were fast. I got it from Amazon, where it says it’s compatible with Xfinity, but I’m finding out now that it definitely isn’t. It’s outside the return window. Surfboard, can I please initiate a return for this. I’d love to see how good your customer service really is. I’d be happy to switch to one of your models that works well with Xfinity in exchange.