Max W121 setup issues

  • 8 October 2023
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The setup app gets stuck with a couple different error codes when trying to install my new W121 mesh system.  First error code was 0006-1205.  Latest error code is 0001-1201.  The WiFi connection seems to be failing with my Android/Samsung phone.  I’m right next to the device and should have a good connection.  I’ve rebooted the W121 several times.  Switched to a second WAP and now get a different error code:  0000-1204.  The system does not seem to want to stay connected to my phone to be able to proceed through the setup.  Any advide would be appreciated.


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3 replies

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Hello enlarson

                         In this case we would suggest you follow the below trouble shooting to complete the setup.

                        » Make sure you are getting internet from the modem where the router is connected

                        » Uninstall the Surfboard application

                        » Perform hard reset on the main router for 15-30 secs

                        » After the router reboots install the application

                        » Make sure you are connecting router from the modem LAN to Router WAN port

                           then follow the steps mentioned on the article below


The advertizing for this set up should be penalized in some way for false advertising...”easy” is absolute BS.  There’s no reset button as the troubleshooter tells you to use.  Just spinning wheel of death on the app.  Arris should be ashamed of themselves.

I am having the same problem as above and am unable to overcome it. I have followed the instructions provided multiple times, on two different phones, and have the same problem. My phone and the app says it is successfully connected to the SurfboardOnboarding network, the router is alternating green and white, and the app just spins until it says there is a wi-fi communication failure error code 0006-1205. Thank you for any help anyone can provide.