Using W130 (W30 two units) as satellites with G36 modem router

  • 10 April 2023
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Hi. I wasn’t sure which forum this post should go in since it concerns my wifi modem and mesh system.

Previously, I used an Orbi CBR40 and two Orbi satellites for my mesh system. I’ve been having issued for the last several month with my wifi dropping despite no issues with my internet service. After going through troubleshooting and consulting Netgear forums, I decided to upgrade my system.

I purchased a G36 and a W130 max mesh system. The setup of the G36 went off without a hitch, but I can’t seem to figure out the W130’s. Initially, I plugged a W30 module in to power and selected “add Device” using the surfboard central app. This didn’t work, so using the Ethernet cable I connected it to the G36 and selected “add device” once again. I got it to connect, but it was acting as it’s own router and not a satellite. After some research, it looks like I’m supposed to set it up as a “bridge” system, so I removed the W30 from the system/app and followed the bridge set up, but the app just tries to direct me to set up the w20 as a router. The app won’t even let me into it to access any features or the G36 now despite the fact I still have wifi access.
Anyway, I am wondering if there is any way to set up my system using the G36 as the router and the two w30’s as satellites or do I need to use one W30 as a router? If that’s the case would that eliminate the usefulness of the G36 and I should use something like an SB8200 instead? The whole reason I went with the G36 and the W130 mesh was so I did not need to wire a unit to the modem.

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The G36 isn’t a mesh router and doesn’t integrate into the W130 system. 
You’d have been better off to pick up the S33 modem (or even use the CBR40 in modem only mode) to connect the W130 to. 

Try simple putting the CBR40 in modem mode and setup the W130 with it. 

If you’re still having issues, it’d tend to indicate the line or the modem as the issue.