Android Surfboard Central does not save configuration

  • 13 September 2023
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Hello. I'm trying to set up the Surfboard W31 router. I'm using Surfboard Central from the Google Play Market (the latest version) for the setup, and my mobile phone is a Samsung S22+. I don't have any problems with the initial setup. However, the Surfboard Central app simply doesn't save the settings, and after exiting, it suggests going through the initial setup again (which would require resetting the router settings). What should I do?

Yes, i tried to reboot the phone :) - no luck.


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Hello zendx

                    In this case you need to check the light on the front panel of your router if that is blinking blue which means the router not configured properly so this will need proper setup and then you can check or you can perform hard reset on the router, try uninstalling and reinstall app then you can setup this may fix this issue and you can use the same WIFI name and WIFI password so all your devices can easily reconnect.