Is mAX W30 compatible with S33?

  • 5 September 2023
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Just upgraded from a SB8200 to S33 modem and my mAX W30 mesh router doesn’t seem to connect. Turned off the mesh device, unplugged other ethernet devices, tried 2.5 and 1.2 ports (I know, 1.2 has to be turned on by Comcast / Xfinity). Surfboard Central mobile app does not list w30.

Do I now have to upgrade my router / wifi?


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It should work, have you tested your S33 connection? I mean, bypassing the router and testing the internet connected directly to your modem ? Also, I see that you no longer see your max on the app I would recommend to use the app to only set up and manage your max router and avoid using it to set up the modem, this is bc the app with the modem will show you just the information of the modem and the modem does not have advanced settings to  playwith. if your modem is not broadcasting any internet with a direct connection pls call your isp to reprovision the modem. If you continue having issues maybe yoou can call support