W133 Cannot Connect to Internet

  • 15 January 2023
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Just bought a new S33 and W133 setup to replace my rental Xfiniti XiFi. I've got the S33 setup and finally can get to the Internet with my laptop and S33 connected to a managed Netgear switch. I connected the first W133 using the WAN port and no matter what I do the Surfboard Central app will connect to the W133 via bluetooth but will not get past the the connection to the Internet (again the wired connected laptop does). The error code is 0000-1303.

I've run an IP scan on the wired network and only the S33, Netgear (mgt port) and laptop show up. 

I suspect the W133 is using the space where the S33 is using the space. Who's genius idea was it to put the startup IPs on different networks? 

I tried to setup my laptop to the network to connect to the W133 via the wired connection but I got a message that says that the WebUI is disabled by default...another genius idea. SMH.

How do I get the W133 on the network OR get the WebUI enabled since I can't get the wireless portion setup?



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You need to go S33--->W133 wan port---->lan port to switch


xfinty only supports 1 public ip address. So unless your managed switch has routing capability built into it (and setup properly is also key), the switch needs to come after the router. 


So power off the s33 for a couple minutes and the W133. Then power on the s33 and give it a couple minutes. then connect it to the W133 and power the w133 on. Make sure there’s only the router connected to the s33. It has more than 1 ethernet port but again, xinfity only supports 1 public ip address (so one device connected). 

*This is all based on if you’re on a consumer account. If its a business account, then you can pay for more IP addresses and get them assigned by comcast.