W31 Router Connection Drop

  • 8 March 2023
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I recently purchased a new W31 router and S33 modem to upgrade my home network and replace my previous COX hardware. Everything was going good until suddenly the router would start flashing white LED’s and drop all signal. The S33 at the same time remained Blue and connected.

I have reviewed the settings and other community posts and am at a loss on why this is happening. There are no outages in the area and I haven’t  been able replicated the issue. Has anyone else experienced these issues or may know of a solution to this problem?

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2 replies

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Hello xspyder89

                            Since S33 is a cable modem, make sure that your modem getting internet on direct connection and if the internet works fine you can connect the W31 main router to the modem ethernet port and and to the router WAN port for wifi connection. If the connection are fine and you still the light flashing on the router we would like to know what is the color of light flashing on the router, is that blinking white or white and blue. Do you see any error code on the router application? once we get the proper details about this case we can work on this further.


So I tested the modem connection and everything is solid there and the router works for most of the time but then at least daily now the router will suddenly go from solid blue to flashing white and then in a few minutes be back to solid blue. During this time all hardwired devices lose connection as well as all Wi-Fi connected devices. No error code seems to be generating with the application, the router just goes offline and it says I’m connected to the app remotely. It is getting to a point where it is interfering with remote work and is completely unacceptable. This is my last chance at saving the device before I’m going to be forced to return it.