Arris W31 wifi mesh router will not restart.

  • 12 October 2023
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Recently the W31 Arris router stopped working entirely and now flickers white/amber/blue repeatedly in that order. I cannot reset it as it just does this again. I cannot remove it over the app to try to reinstall. There is no way to solve this from my current knowledge as all online fixes have been tested to fail.


Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix a router that simply stopped working (1 year old) and is just flickering all LED colors repeatedly?


Full current setup:

  1. Arris Surfboard SB8200
  2. Arris W31 mesh wifi router

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6 replies

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In my opinion, it looks like the router is on a loop, I mean somehow it is connected to the app but it's not finding its way to get fully connected. My recommendation is to uninstall the app, hard reset the router push and hold the reset button for 30 seconds or so, install the app and if possible using a different email address to go thru the set up process, I know this might not be the ideal solution but at least a workaround. If this does not help or you want further assistance you can try to get in contact with technical support 


Hey thanks for getting back to me. I did fully reset the entire system end to end as well as remove the app and attempt a full reconnect. It didn’t seem to work. Did the same thing with the technical support and basically they wasted 3 hours of my time and didn’t solve the problem. I simply asked for a new piece of hardware at this point and they have to go thru further evaluation with me again. This is a pretty terrible product and customer service experience. I’ve had a lot of issues with this router for what it costs and for the ratings it had. Not sure I’ll ever get an arris product again.


Arris stated they’d get back to me to fulfil the warranty and they have yet to do so. I gave them a time that has long passed. Looks like they won’t even fulfil the warranty at this point as well. I’ll be filing complaints now.

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I’d reach back out to them. I’ve had fairly good responses when getting in contact with them. 

maybe @SURFboard Moderator or @SURFboard_Big_Kahuna can help


I reached back out to them 4 times now. They seem to be dodging me as we have set many times to talk to a higher representative and they miss it every time. Today will be the last time I do it before reaching out to Amazon in regards to warranty fulfilment as the Arris group doesn’t seem to actually fulfil their own warranties if they continually ignore the customers contacting them.

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Sorry for the bad experience, we understand your situation please let us know if you have received assistance from our Support, and if you require more assistance we are there to help you. Thanks