New W21 fried?

  • 3 February 2024
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I lost power with W21 satellite plugged into a surge protector. Now it cycles on about 2 minutes, dies, and repeats. I tried hard reset and same. It only gives me the onboarding signal a few seconds and restarts. When power first came back on the satellite failed to reconnect and was disappeared from the surfboard app. I’m really thinking it’s faulty. The main W21 is working great. 


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4 replies


They are actually W121s if it matters. 

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Try a different power supply. i’ve seen power surges cause issues with the power supplies that cause a reboot cycle. Might be the same and the primary routers and you can see if that fixes the boot loop. If it does, a new power supply could fix your issues 


I got a new power supply. It allowed connection. About twelve hrs later it started power cycling again. The router cooked a brand new power supply. 

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We understand that after changing to a new power supply but still you’re facing the powercyling issue  on the W121, hence we recommend to contact for further troubleshooting.