S33 login issue

  • 19 March 2023
  • 2 replies


I have the S33 and Archer Gx90 router, when I type the default IP.  It times out so I cannot log into the modem to check status... If I unhook the router its works fine..... I just dont want the annoying process.    Thanks

2 replies

I had the same issue with the S33 web page timing out with a TP-Link Archer router.  Since I could get there with my old router I didn’t think that it was an Arris issue.   Working with TP-Link support they found that the S33 uses for arp requests which the router wasn’t responding to.   The fix was to turn off the “Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup” which allowed me to then get the S33 web page.   A strange test but if you can successfully ping then you probably have a similar issue.


Open a ticket with TP-Link as they were very helpful.  Arris has a firmware bug that doesn’t look like will be fixed.


Thanks for replying.  I figured it out. Quite simple. I just changed the IP's back to original default. All works great now. I can log into the S33 with everything hooked u

p and logged in...