S33 modem solid amber light then white light flashes while squeling and unable to reset

  • 3 April 2024
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Hi, this morning my modem appears to have broken. The Amber light stays on for a few seconds and then the white light flashes and this cycle repeats.

Its also making a high pitch squeak every few seconds. I’ve attempted to reset the router several times but nothing appears to happen.

This seems very similar another post on this forum but it’s marked as solved with no solution specified. Only instructions on how to access the web console. Which I’ve tried but have been unable to do so, the page never loads.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



4 replies

I’m in the exact same boat. You can’t do anything if you can’t connect to the admin interface.

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Have you tried with different power outlet and power cord?

If yes, I suggest you to visit for further assistance.


I had the exact same thing happen this morning. Even holding in the rest button does nothing at all. Called support and someone from their tier 2 team is (allegedly) calling back “in the next few days”.