Carrier Locked SB6183

  • 11 December 2022
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Hello, so I had purchased a SB6183 a few years ago, and had it working with my carrier which is optimum/altice at my old location. I moved and transferred my service to my new residence, but when I tried to use my original modem I had purchased, I was getting an error preventing me from using the modem. I called optimum/altice and they explained to me that for some reason the Mac address on my modem is still associated with my previous location and they couldn't fix it right there and there and would escalate it to another divisions. I haven't heard anything from there on the matter, but before I reach back out to them, is there any alternatives or fixes that I could do on my own, since the modem is mine and shouldn't be locked out because I moved. Thank you.

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You’re still using optimum? 

There really isn’t anything you can change in the modem. The ISP controls the firmware on them when they provision it. I’d contact them back to have them re-provision it