Arris SB8200 - No lights except blue D/L light…?

  • 16 October 2023
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I bought this modem yesterday and all lights were on.  Today, I only have the 2nd blue light on (which tells me that I’m receiving ok) but NO other lights are on.  I’ve rebooted, but it stays the same.

I have a nest router attached that works fine. I also attach a switch from the nest, with a cable to my TV - which also works fine and has wired internet access.

where did my lights go???


Thanks / Dan


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4 replies

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So you’re not having issues at all and everythings working fine? Just curious abou the led’s? 


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As you are able to connect to the internet through the modem connected to your Nest Router , all looks fine at the point of internet that's good, 

Looking at the LED lights you had mentioned only the “Receive” light is shown as “Blue”. This modem as got 4 LED lights Power/Receive/Send and Online .

Usually the “Receive” light shown as “Blue” might be highlighted more so the other lights on the Power/Send and Online would be a very light shade of “Green” please check it once again.

If the LED lights are not shown definitely  the modem will not be able to provide internet to Router . 

Also check the below link of the LED lights:


Hi there.

What I meant by my post was that I only see the “Receive” LED lit up.  I thought that the other ones are kind of being backlit, because they appear to be very light - even the “Power” LED.  Things seem to work ok, but occasionally everything (Nest, internet  & TV) freezes and the only thing that seems to work is to unplug the surfboard for a few seconds to reboot it.  Other than that, it seems to work well.  I just check my DL speed with Ookla (through the NEST router) and it’s at 627Mbps.  I’m definitely happy with that.  That being said, there are probably adjustments and tweak to be made to the modem that I’m not aware of.

Also, I’ve added a couple of pictures of the modem - one with the flash on my phone and one ambient.



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If the Led lights are fade, that is very normal behavior. Since you are experiencing with intermittent internet connection, please let us know whether the problem is while connecting with router or hardwired to the computer.

I suggest you to check the cable signals to make sure all the signals are in range.

To check the same, find the below link: