SB8200 not connecting to computer or Google nest but cox shows a strong signal to the modem

  • 16 September 2023
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Cox has no idea why I am not getting their signal from your modem to my computer via the ethernet connected to port 2, or to Google nest connected in Port one. Please help thanks


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Not sure why you are using both ports. On the SB8200 you would only typically use one at a time. I would connect your pc to port 1 and confirm that you can access After doing that, confirm that you have internet. You may need to reboot the SB8200 first.The SB8200 is not a router. If you want to connect multiple devices, you need to set up a primary router that handles DHCP and so forth. I use the first gen Google WiFi (one primary and 4 routers connected via D-Link switches, aND IT works great! I have 114 devices registered and more that 50 online at present.


I am on Cox. I look forward to seeing if we can collaborate on solving this together!


So I am tech challenged, so a lot of this is over my head. Reading about the 8200 it said to plug the ethernet from the modem's Wan port (2) into the computer, which I did..  Sometimes it works, other times not.  The message I get on my computer is "your DNS server might be unavailable."  I was using port 1 for an ethernet connection to the global port on the Nest to act as a router…that is not working. Can't reach Google, Cox advanced support seems as helpless with nest as I am. No clue what is going on. Thx 


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I’m not an expert, but I use the SB8200 and Google mesh so let’s see if we can knock this out together.

You’ll want to restart everything so I suggest just powering everything off. To start, you want to connect the green ethernet port on the Nest router to the top LAN port on the SB8200. Then, keeping things simple for now, connect the ethernet on your computer into the grey ethernet connection on the Nest. Turn on the SB8200 and give it time to stabilize with all the lights on indicating internet connection. Then, power up your Nest unit and let it finish. Then, fire up the PC. You should have a proper configuration. All the DNS and DHCP work is handled by the Nest.


If you never changed the default login password on the SB8200, now would be a good time to do that. General instructions are here:


I don’t know how far you have gotten setting up your network. If you need some tips getting started, let me know:

  1. Exactly which router you are using? Are you using just one?
  2. Do you have an android phone or tablet?
  3. What app did you install to manage your Nest router, Google Home, Google WiFi, or both? You can’t download Google WiFi any more but I have a “grandfathered” version.
  4. Have you already done basic SSID and Password configuration?
  5. Roughly what do you need to connect in terms of devices?

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.



Thanks for taking time with your responses!  The question I have is there is only one ethernet jack on my desktop computer, and Cox said I need to connect an ethernet cable from the back of the modem to my computer. If I do that, then I have no other ethernet jack to run from my computer to the nest.  Not sure what to do, and even when I run the ethernet from the modem to the computer, I still get no internet.  

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Chris, thanks for responding! This may take some time, but we’ll get there. The challenge is that Cox agents work off a script and have limited training, so sometimes don’t see the big picture. 

If you only wanted to use a PC, then you would do exactly as Cox says. You would disconnect the modem, connect your PC to port 1, and you would be finished. But, if you want to connect your phone, and some other devices, you need a router than can handle all of the intelligence of handing out IP addresses and managing trafffic. So, the router connects first. 


In my system, the SB8200 is first. Then, the primary Google next router. Then, I have 2 D-link unmanaged 8 port switches which essentially gives me 13 direct connections ( we can go through the math later). Those connections support 4 additional Google routers, a Samsung Smart things hub, a Philips Hue Hub, and a few other things. I have almost 100 devices registered on my network, roughly 50 at any time.

So, the next step is to figure out why the computer sees no internet when connected to your Nest. I wish I could sit down with you and walk through this. Let’s take small steps and figure this out together.


On your computer, if you connect to do you see the SB8200 console? Let’s check that first. If you do, can you cut and paste a screenshot of the Status screen so we can confirm everything looks right?


Then, I suggest we do a ‘ping’ from the ‘Command Prompt’. From Windows Start, search for ‘Command Prompt”. You should see an application. Open it, and see if you can ‘ping’ as shown below. Let me know what happens and we’ll figure out how to take the next step.


What we are trying to do is perform step by step troubleshooting. Does the PC connect to the router? Does the router connect to the modem? Does the modem connect to the internet? We already know the modem connects, but for our purposes we want to determine exactly what happens when we start from the PC and try to hit the internet, and figure out exactly where the process is stopping.


The modem has picked up and now dropped the signal with Cox. After 10 hours of messing with this, 4 hours with Cox, I'm done. Who can I call for a refund of this new modem?


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Since you are experiencing with intermittent internet connection, I suggest you to check the cable signal levels.

To check the signal levels, Find the steps in the given link:

If the signals are in range, Please visit for further information.


Thank you, I'll check that out.. I have Cox coming tomorrow to check the wire signal into the house. Appreciate your continued responses!