SB8200 randomly loses internet (RCN)

  • 9 November 2023
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I have RCN internet and a few times a day my internet is dropping out for about a minute or two.  When it’s working everything is fine (no speed issues or anything).  It’s the random drops that are the problem.

At a glance it looks like my upstream power levels are low and I’m getting some errors in the system log that I don’t fully understand (Commanded Power in Excess of 6 dB Below….).


RCN’s merlin page also shows micro reflections as red and yellow with values of -17.101 DB (red), -19.522 DB (yellow), -17.845 DB (red).







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2 replies

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Your downstream power levels are high. You should be between -7.5 adn 7.5dbmv. 

You could try adding a signal attenuator

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Upstream Power levels are very low follow the link below to check on the cable signal levels :


Try a Reset on the cable modem and then check the cable signals by following the above link:

Also, Event Logs are monitored by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).