slow speed and no internet through direct connection on SB8200


May seem like an odd question.  The SB8200 lists a dl speed of 1gb. Mine is about 3 years old and I just updated my service from 500mb - 1gb, but I am not seeing any higher speed. The max I see is in the 500mb area and thats the speed test directly through my router. I have tried to plug my laptop directly to the modem but I never get an internet connection for some reason that way.


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jag62, have you tried rebooting the modem? When I get notifications of any speed increases, I always have to reboot then I get the new speed.


Yes, I’ve shut off the modem, router, and laptop with no change.  
Thats why I was wondering if maybe the older modems were capped at maybe 500mb, but not sure

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If you are experiencing slow speed on SB8200, I suggest checking the cable signals to make sure all signals are in range.