VPN Not Working with SB8200

  • 19 September 2023
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My SB8200 modem appears to be no longer allowing me to access my work VPN.  The internet works otherwise.  I originally thought this was an issue with my work computer; but, on troubleshooting with my work IT, we determined that wasn’t the issue (I was even given a new computer, which did not resolve the problem).  I then thought it might be an internet provider issue; but, on contacting my internet provider (RCN), they rebooted my connection among other potential correctives, and determined the issue wasn’t coming from their end.  Both my work IT and internet provider suggested this was likely a modem issue.


Additional context:  I haven’t done anything to my modem (I have not touched it) before the issue arose.  I restarted my modem after the issue arose; that did not correct the issue.  This issue just started one morning and has been going on for two weeks now.  I am able to log into my VPN through other internet sources not linked to my modem (e.g., phone hotspot).  Please help!


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4 replies

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Hello withanhauser

                                  Do you have router connected to the modem SB8200 or the computer connected to the modem directly?

                                   If this is on direct connection to the modem you need to check on the device VPN setup since this modem doesn't have any VPN settings on the interface so please do check with the router manufacturer or the VPN setting. Since the internet works fine on the modem.


Yes, I have a router (Google Nest Wifi) connected to the modem SB8200.  

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As you had mentioned that the modem is connected to Google Nest Wi-Fi, please check with the Router manufacturer or VPN settings for the same.

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It sounds to me like you are using the Google One VPN. It is not a mature product and has documented issues when run from a PC. For instance, you must turn it off in order to access the console on the SB8200. 

I would simply turn the VPN via the Google One control toggle and confirm you can access work as expected. If you need VPN for work, I’d check with your IT department for a product that they have “certified” for use.