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  • 20 November 2022
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I am trying to create my own user id and password but I get this message: Invalid user name or password, or your access has been locked due to multiple failed login attempts! 

I’ve re set my modem 3 times, cleared my cache and still locked out. 

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3 replies

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Hello NENA ,

Actually we can create only my own password but not the user id ., the user id will be always admin(small characters). login on web manager and create user name:admin and password: ur own password .

If you still face any issue please let us know . Thanks 


I’m still locked out and can not change my passcode or set up my own use id

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Hello Nena, 

Kindly note the steps for login credentials for web manager page:

Web Manager Access

  1. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Enter into the address box.  The Login page will appear.  

    NOTE: A security or private risk alert may appear on the web browser advising users to proceed with caution when accessing the Web Manager.  There is no risk in proceeding to the Web Manager.  For instructions to by-pass the alert screen, refer to article # 18181 - Alert Message for Web Manager Access.
  2. On the Login page, enter password in the Password field then click the Apply button.  The Alert!! window will appear. 

    NOTE: The "Invalid username or password, or your access has been locked due to multiple login attempts!" message will appear when the password is entered incorrectly.  For additional information, click here.

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  3. Click the Click Here link to to change the default password in the Alerts!! window.

    NOTE: The Close button is available in the Alert!! window to proceed to the Web Manager on firmware version prior to 9.1.103AA78.  For security purposes, ARRIS recommends changing the default admin password.  

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  4. Enter password in the Old Password field.
  5. Enter a new password in the New Password field and re-enter the new password in the Repeat New Password field.

    Password Requirements:
    • Minimum of 8 characters
    • At least one uppercase alpha character
    • At least 1 number
    • One of ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * (  ) - _ = + [ ] { } | ; : , . / ?
  6. Click the Apply button.  The Login page will appear.     

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  7. Enter the new customized password in the Password field, then click the Apply button.  The Login Settings page will appear.  

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Failed Login Attempts

The following message appears when the incorrect password is used for login.  "Invalid username or password, or your access has been locked due to multiple login attempts!". 

  • Click the OK button to enter a correct password. 

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  • When the login attempts continue to fail, factory reset the SBG10 to login with the default admin password.  For assistance with factory reset, refer to article # 17679 - SBG10: Factory Reset