Slow Wi-Fi speed on SBG10

  • 19 May 2024
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I have a SBG10 for several years.  Now I notice slow WiFi speeds (52.0, 43.8, 69.8 etc. for download ) on iPad and iPhone, my PC is connected to Xfinity internet using Ethernet, the speed test shows high download speed such as (469, 558.28) .  How do I improve download speed on my Apple devices?

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Since this happening on Wi-Fi we would suggest you to try changing Wi-Fi channels will avoid interference and that will give better speed and connection.  If other Wi-Fi sources such as neighboring wireless access points are using the same wireless channel, this may cause intermittent connectivity issues, even if the competing signal is relatively weak. 
Changing the wireless channel within the  gateway can improve connectivity.

After changing Wi-Fi channel as recommended on the link restart the modem then we would request you to monitor the connection for next 24hrs.