issues connecting to xfinity

  • 29 April 2023
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We have been using our Arris modem for over two years works great. We recently switched to tmobile from Xfinity.  We disconnect the service.  It's been just a month and we switched back because tmobile was dropping and services spotty.

We are now with Xfinity. They say everything thing is set up.on their end. Gave them the serial number and Mac address.  While I can see the modem and connect,  it won't connect to the internet.  It does not seem to be communicating with Xfinity.  Does anyone have any ideas o what I can try? 


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Hello Mcgrady3a

                             SBG6950AC2 is a gateway which is the combination of modem and router and so when you swap the modem you need to make sure that the previous modem is deactivated from your account. Since its not communicating with your Internet service provider try resetting modem and reactivate modem again, to reset modem please follow steps mentioned on the link below.


Let us know if this helps