SBG6950AC2 Bridge Mode?

  • 4 March 2024
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I’m replacing an old Arris Modem, specifically SB6190 with a SBG6950AC2, and the old modem was connected to a router made by Araknis. When I set up the new Modem, I was able to get wireless internet through two new SSID’s coming from the new modem. However, our old SSID is still available to connect to without internet access. Most importantly, I have multiple range extenders, and access points connected to the old router via Ethernet that are not giving out internet access anymore since the modem has been replaced. I attempted to switch the new modem into Bridge (NAT Mode) however that made it impossible to connect to the new SSIDs and the old SSID. I am trying to get the internet coming from the new modem to be broadcasted on the access points/extenders throughout my house. There are also multiple hardwired (ethernet) connected devices throughout my home that are connected to the router and haven’t had internet access since the modem replacement.  

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2 replies


I should mention that the new modem is connected to the router via ethernet, it is plugged into everything the old modem was plugged into besides a new power cord. 

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My biggest question is why did you downgrade? The SB6190 is a 32x8 modem. The SBG6950 is only a 16x4. 

If you’re planning on putting the SBG6950 in bridge (modem only) mode, you’d have been better to stick with the sb6190.