SBG7600AC2 lifespan?


Is there a general consensus what the lifespan of a router is? I’m ok with the speed but I get random interruptions in my devices which causes them to reset poorly. I only know it to be true because I have alexa that really gets thrown when it loses connection. I have had the   SBG7600AC2 for a few years now and while I wish it had a little more range, I can see thats is not the problem since the lights go out on the modem themselves. I love the combo units that save me from renting from xfinity.


house is about 1700 square feet. Lets say I do upgrade to SURFboard G34  that is currently on sale. if someone was to recommend a extender to help me boost the signal to the further away echos and give me a decent signal outback, what would you recommend?


oh also idk why but every once in awhile with my new computer I have to restart it to get internet from the Ethernet port. I find it weird I can connect ot wifi but I figure thats more on my computer then it is is the router/modem combo.


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A single router solution should cover 1700sq ft if its centrally located and is made with standard materials. 

Whats your home made of? 

When you get drops, have you checked your logs and cable connections page? It wouldn’t be the first time it was the ISP’s line causing issues. 


….your modem has that built in? lol I just spent 10 dollars when I didnt need to on “net uptime monitor”. In the house its pretty good, the materials arnt walls of lead or anything but im asking alot if I try and get a decent signal right out back. Really wanted to try and bbq more this year and having the signal is nice for music and other forms of contact.