I bought SBG8300, is it compatible with TP link AC 1750?

  • 11 February 2024
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Is TP Link compatible with SBG8300?

TP Link AC 1750 wireless.

purchased to get rid of Xfinity rental modem.

I have 4 computers, 3 TVs, tablets and phones. 
All devices are operating unconnected to modem/ wi fi

i need to know if they are compatible and is this device going to operate all my computers and devices with adequate speed.  If so, I need step by step instructions to install.


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AC1750 is a speed not a model. 

Are you trying to connect a router to it? 

An extender? 

A powerline adapter? 

The actual model number will help more than a wireless speed


I want to replace my existing modem with an ARRIS SNH8300. I have the existing router shown above.   I am not computer savvy and wanted to know if I should proceed with changing the modem. I have been using an xfinity rented modem and wanted to avoid rental fees.  I have 4 computers, 2 tablets, ring doorbell, phones etc. I don’t want to mess everything up by doing the wrong thing! I already got bad information from a Best Buy sales person and had to return a modem that had no WiFi! Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you 🙏 


That’s an ARRIS SBG 8300!   My phone decided to change the name!

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After changing the Wi-Fi name and password, I suggest you to connect the devices with new credentials.

If you are experiencing with any difficulties, Change the security mode by logging in to the GUI web portal.

Gateway>Summary>Connection>Wi-Fi>edit 2.4Ghz>change the security mode as WPAWPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES)



Thank you so much.