Puma Chipset Defect SBG8300 (packet loss latency jitter)

  • 25 November 2023
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Been having around 1% packet loss for a while now and I think it may be the modem/router.  I have ethernet and got a new cable (my ISP is Xfinity).  They told me that “a few percent packet loss is normal” which doesn’t make sense because I am hard wired.  Is the PUMA 7 chipset inside causing this?

Attached below are 2 pictures of a packet loss test.

👍Thanks I would appreciate any help


20 second test, 2440 and 2456 bytes, 300 pings a second.

3 minute test, 142 and 158 bytes, 30 pings a second.


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1 reply

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Your first test has a latency of 173ms. That’s pretty high. Not sure who you’re pinging with it but its going through several servers/ISP’s if its that high. That’d be where I’d be looking at packet loss because you can get collisions or other issues when you’re bounced from one server to the next.

Your second test has only 33ms latency, meaning its a closer server that you’re pinging. Its also why you have lower packet loss. 

General rule of thumb (not always), its under 1% loss is acceptable.