SBG8300 remote management

  • 6 April 2024
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How can I remote manage my SBG8300?  It’s in router mode and the only way I can reach it is via directly plugging into the back panel. I can access it over the WAN on the public IP nor via the LAN on the same IP.   Even the Arris app on my phone fails to find it.


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3 replies

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SBG8300 doesn't have a remote control option on this modem setup or configuration. Even on the surfboard central app there is no option for emote control but that will be added in the future.


Thank you for the reply.
Regarding the app, how does it find the IP of the modem when I am on my L2 LAN?  Does it matter if the LAN is L3?  I can’t get the app to work either and the only way for me to reach the modem on my LAN is via browser where i can plug in the IP.

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It is the standard IP address for the modem. So, you can access it either on LAN2 or LAN3.