SG8300 drops internet every 2 hours on Cox

  • 10 November 2023
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Hello,  3 days ago around midnight, we lost everything with Cox, Cable, and the internet both went dead. The next day cable was back so we reset the SG8300 and the internet came back.  Now for the past 2 days, almost like clockwork, we lose the internet every 2 hours (but cable still works).  My wife works remotely & is kicked out of meetings, I’m taking college and it’s kicking me out of my classes. 

      We called Cox several times, and their only answers are to give them more money: They want me to a) pay ~$90 for a tech visit, b) start renting their modem for $13/mo, or c) increase my Cox “tier” an additional $10/mo so I can talk to someone besides the “is your modem plugged in?” person.  They are trying to tell me my SG8300 is “too old” because it’s 2 yrs old, but when the internet is working, everything checks out good.

      What else can I try?

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2 replies

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do you have a copy of the cable connections page and event logs? That helps check the line


Hello,  Thank you for the reply.  

I changed modems to localize it to the machine or the line. the Netgear modem ran for 6 hours, lost internet for 20 min, then bac up for 4 hours and internet’s been down HARD since.  The modem is not the problem.  Since I totally lost everything, the Surfboard app doesn’t want to come up. 

I don’t have the event log, I will try to get it.  I had a graph of the frequency vs mV-dbm response, and it was not consistent.  650-750MHz it was a sign wave from 13.5-16.5mv-dbm.  around the 213MHz area it was only about 9mV-dbm.

I think the Frontier bozos who were working in my area the past couple of weeks damaged the lines.  I have a Cox tech checking the lines on Monday.

I cannot put into words how much I hate Cox, however, they are the only provider in my area except Frontier which everyone who has had them says is much worse.

I’m going to see what the tech says on Monday.  Have a nice weekend.

Thank you again for the fast response and suggestions.

-KJ-san (via my cellphone)