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  • 15 March 2024
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Hi All,

I have a Surfboard SBG8300 with WiFi enabled. WiFi is bad in other areas of the property.  Here is the challenge.

i have quite a large property:

SBG8300 is installed in a thermally controlled AV Room with A LOT of other equipment.
All SBG8300 switch ports are in use 3 go to separate Cisco 28 port Switches to flood Ethernet across the property, the last Switch port connect to a Security NVR directly.

i need to improve the WiFi signal from the SBG8300 to other areas of the property. I’m not sure if I should use the ARRIS SURFBOARD mAX 6e Mesh units maybe 2 or 4  and connect their Wan Ports back to the Cisco 28 port switches or do this some other way..

I tried to do this with Apple Extreme Routers and put those in Bridge mode just to extend the 8300 WiFi but it causes me nothing but problems so right now those are paper weights.


Looking for community guidance here.





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As you have the SBG8300 in bridge mode, only one port on the switch will work. To resolve this issue, disable the bridge mode on the modem and just disable the wi-fi settings, so that all the ports on the switch will function. After that you can connect the router to the switch. The setup should be as follows - Modem LAN port - Switch LAN port - Router WAN port. 


Thanks but I dont have the SGB8300 in bridge mode, the SBg8300 is acting as the router with WiFi enabled and all 4 switch ports connected to my Cisco switches….the only items in bridge mode are the Apple Extreme routers because putting those in Bridge mode means they are wireless access points.

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There should be interference if you are connecting multiple devices at once in the same room.

Additionally, a maximum of three nodes—the primary router and two satellites—can be connected. I recommend a mesh system like W31.

To access numerous devices, I recommend turning on bridge mode on the SBG8300 when connected to a mesh system and then connecting to a switch.



So your suggesting this:

  1. Put the SBG8300 WiFi into Bridge Mode but keep it as the main router connected the the Cable Internet.
  2. Leave the 3x Cisco 28 port switches 1 each connected to the SBG8300 switch ports.
  3. Obtain something like the Arris W133 Mesh WiFi 6 system.
  4. Turn the W133 router off and just use them as Access Points.
  5. Connect the Mesh units to any port on 2 of the 3 Cisco 28 port switches.

Is that right. ?  That doesn’t seem right because I’ll be just using the Mesh units as APs in that setup and I’ll be spending $400 for the mesh units that 2x $40 APs could do.


please clarify

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I suggest you to connect to the Max router (W133) from the SBG8300 (bridge mode). You can connect Cisco 28-port switches to the Max router once it has been configured.



Hope this helps explain my predicament.  The Orange blocks are what I’m trying to work out what I need to improve the WiFi across the property..


I don’t have the Orange pieces yet, that’s what I’m trying to confirm what I need and whether installing them how I have drawn will work.

Another Caveat is that the Pool Unit is gonna be installed outside, the property is Poured Concrete walls and Hurricane Impact windows so WiFi signals cannot reach out from Outside to Inside etc. so if there is WiFi Meshing between the outside unit and inside unit might be a problem. But there is CAT6 from the Cisco Switch through the wall to the outside area.




Will the below setup work. I do not yet have the Orange units..

The Pool WiFi unit if Mesh will not be able to Mesh with the other Mesh units because the property is solid poured concrete walls and Hurricane Impact Glass both of which will not let WiFi signals through but I can connect the Pool Unit to the Cisco switch via CAT6 that was installed during the build.