Xfinity internet with SBS8300 - how to extend signal?

  • 16 November 2023
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Hello - I have Xfinity internet and I’m using the SBS8300. In general, I have good signal and no troubles streaming or gaming, but the signal is poor in the back of the house - about 30 feet away. It’s not a big house, but there are a few walls in between. Which product can I add to improve the signal strength in that area? Thanks!


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To get better signal or to get extended signal for WIFI you can look for mesh system like W21 or W31. For product information and specifications you can check into or to buy Arris device you can reach out to


I appreciate this answer, but I’m a bit confused. Do I get a w21 or w31 to add to my existing Surfboard SBS8300 or do I just replace my SBS8300 with a different system, like the w21 or w31? Thanks




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If you want to connect something to the SBG8300, you’d want a wireless extender. 

Arris really doesn’t have much for the traditional wireless extenders. 

If you go that router, I’d look for a triband one with a dedicated backhaul (keeps speeds faster). 


Otherwise, you’d pickup a mesh system and attach it to the sbg8300. You could either put the sbg8300 in modem only mode or leave it in router mode and the mesh system in access point mode. 


Thank you ….that’s what I needed to know. Much appreciated!