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Can I use the Surfboard app on my Amazon tablet?


Best answer by SURFboard Moderator 6 October 2022, 20:22

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Hello. Hope you are doing fine. 

If you are trying to setup one of the Surfboard Gateways (such as the models G36, G34, SBG8300) then yes you can. You need to have your Amazon tablet connected to the Wi Fi of your gateway. 

If you are trying to setup a Wi Fi mAX router ( such as the models: W21, W31, etc) we recommend to better use a cellphone because at some point, the app would require an internet connection from a cellphone (such as the mobile data) to create the Wi Fi network of the router. The tablets don't have mobile data, just Wi Fi. 

Hope this could be helpful


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Hello Where the Wild Pings Are


I know that Amazon tablets will have their own operating system. Our app was developed to work with Android and iOS devices. My suggestion here will be to check in Amazon’s appstore if the app is available. If it isn’t, you can always use the web interface.


Hope this information helps.

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I didn’t see it on the amazon app store. The fire tablets are android based and from my understanding (not a coder) theres only a few things to change to make it work. But that’d be on Arris to make the changes. 

But like what @SURFboard_Moderator says, you can always use the browser in the mean time