Surfboard Central - Internet connection not available Error 0002-1002 - Solution

  • 19 March 2023
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Just got a new modem and this app, it failed to work with: Error code is 0002-1002 when hooked to my LAN but when I disabled WiFi on my phone it loaded properly.

Much digging in my LAN security settings and logs discovered a hard coded DNS requirement for the Google DNS server that was causing the error.

Temporarily opening my security system to allow that connection allowed the app to function, Re-enabling the LAN security results in the original failure and error code.

2 replies


Wow dude I can’t believe this, 7 months ago..

by now I see you figured it out on ur own.. this company/platform is unsatisfied. It’s like it’s 1955 again or just plain old. 
yea we offer this modem and this modem oh and that one right there is a beauty up top 26637282mbps…..

One week later listening to a silent music has one sit just like one as well stuck with 0 mbps . This things never even reached 20 mbps 

This is not working out. 

I think I’ll get the free xfinity modem and return this piece low performing device. 


Oh by the way thanks for the reply but I have no idea what u mean by any of it and less how to fix it with any of that explanation but thanks 


i guess for who ever does 

  • silence  
  • Birds chirping ..
  • one year later another idiot finds these post 

good luck sir may the surfboard you’ve purchase make it back to its owner .

I can’t deal with it, forget that